Zane Moreign

burgeoning Technologist + Speaker + Polyglot {English + some French, German, Spanish, Chinese/Mandarin}

As announced — the NEW site

and more were released on Jun 11, 2021

{the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus}

fruition of what started well before 2017

Zane's Talk was the 1st/keynote session on the cyber-security track at HoustonTechFest-2017 ... for more details see articles on

Zane Moreign's Simple_Safety™ Digital_Privacy_&_Survival_Kit (DPSK)

These FREE/LIBRE tools are — (1) simple to use, (2) easy to install/setup, (3) cross-platform (i.e., Windows and *nix, and also Mac), (4) pro-privacy, (5) with encryption etc., … basically, keep us safe online.

DPSK: Living the Online-Life (focus: bare-minimum for web-browsing, status: released)

DPSK: Living the Remote-Life (focus: remote-working with laptop, status: released)

DPSK: Living the Mobile-Life (focus: streamlining phones/devices, status: released)

DPSK: Band-Aids for Windows (focus: surviving on Windows, status: released)