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Howdy (archived)

This site is preserved on the Classic/Old Google Apps Sites, and will be updated after Google completes its new G Suite ... meanwhile, below are some pre-2015 links:

My Advanced Comp.Sci. class had an assignment to make a video.  My Honors Science class had an assignment for Science Fair, so I decided to combine both projects.

How to Build an HHO Wet Cell – by Zane

My brother's site ( has links & articles about things that I worked with him, like,  
(a) the Bellaire Highs School's  Cardinal Kick-off event, where I was helping recruit members for the 3E (Entertainment Engineering Enthusiasts)  club that my brother founded,   and  (b)  where I co-presented with him at his first primary-speaker session at and there is a link to the Bellaire Three Penny Press ( ) 

I thank my teacher Ms. Glaze for letting me use pre-release technology for my school project learning HTML5 + CSS(    I thank God for the opportunity to have access to pre-release software such as "Visual Studio Online", so I can learn and be ahead of the curve. 

Am blest to be a founding member of the Houston Cloud & Cluster (computing) User Group – – and this site has links to free computing events and other Houston computing community user groups.